Compare Gold Price

Our Aim

The aim of Compare Gold Price is to continually identify the top UK gold buyer and become the most trusted and reliable source of up to date information on UK Gold Buyer prices.

Compare Gold Price displays a broad range of gold buyers ranging from companies you may never have heard of, to the heavily advertised brands. We undertake mystery shopper research and display the results alongside ‘customer feedback’ to provide the most up to date information available on the gold prices being offered by UK Gold Buyers. 

By providing this information, we believe that more customers are now selling their gold to the top paying gold buyers (rewarding them for their high gold prices), whilst fewer customers are selling their gold to the poor paying gold buyers (encouraging them to improve their gold price or leave the market).

We need your help to make this website work, so please let us know the gold buyer you choose and tell us a little bit about your experience using them. Our sincere thanks to all the customers who have already submitted their gold buyer feedback to: