Compare Gold Price

Frequently Asked Questions

Your test results conflict with other website recommended buyers, you can’t both be right?

Our comparison tables reflect recent and regular tests on UK gold buyer prices. The Mystery shoppers capture all transaction details with each gold buyers in detail, so we can corroborate all our findings. The gold prices being offered by UK gold buyers changes month to month, yet some comparison websites are still choosing to show out-of-date research conducted back in 2010!

How come there’s such a difference in the initial gold prices offered?

Each gold buyer has their own operating procedure; some will make an initial offer of around 15% of the gold's value, knowing that some customers will accept this and that they can even treble their initial offer and still pay out less than 50% of the gold’s value. Other gold buyers offer 80% - 90% of the gold's value and aim to generate a smaller margin per customer but higher volumes through positive referrals.    

What does it cost to send my jewellery to a Gold Buyer?

Nothing! Postage delivery is completely free with the top gold buyers. Beware gold buyers who ask you to pay the postage; If they offer you less than you’re expecting then you’ll have to accept their offer or pay for additional postage to have your items returned. All the gold buyers on Compare Gold Price offer free postage & valuation and will send your items back to you free of charge if you’re not fully satisfied with their offer.

Is my gold insured?

Yes – all the gold buyers on Compare Gold Price provide free postage insurance of £500, which you can be increased at the Post Office if needed.

Do they really provide a quick service?

Yes, if you requests a pack before 2pm, you'll receive most packs the next day. The pack contains a free post next day delivery envelope, so if you post it by 2pm they'll receive it the next day. Some gold buyers will call you on the same day that your items arrive, with an offer for immediate payment. However, some gold buyers may take several days before getting in touch (see comparison tables for details).

How do I get the best offer for my gold jewellery?

We always recommend you send equal portions of your jewellery, to two or three gold buyers, to see whose offering the top gold price. If you don’t have time to test the market, then review our latest mystery shopper results & customer feedback for the gold buyers offering the best gold price over recent weeks.  

I’ve had a poor/good experience selling gold and I’d like to share it.

We'd be delighted to receive your gold buyer feedback! Please send an email to and include as much information as possible i.e. weight and carat for the gold you sold, the dates (postage/contact/payment), your overall rating for the service and the gold price offered.