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About Us

With the need to get our hands on some cash, I and a few of my friends decided to sell off some of our older pieces of gold jewellery. We all chose our own gold buyers to use but we quickly discovered that the gulf in prices being offered between gold buyers was hundreds of pounds and that the heavily marketed advertisers weren't always offering the best gold price.

We decided to put them to the test, took advantage of their free-post service to see what each would offer. The first test of the top four gold buyers resulted in offers of £220, £229, £663 and £890 for the same pack of gold! That’s a £670 difference between the highest offer and the lowest.

It became clear that customers like us are being offered a ridiculously small amount of cash for their gold by some gold buyers and that no one was doing anything about it, so we built this website. We regularly repeat the gold buyer test (see table below) and actively encourage customers to use the freepost services available to send their gold to a number of buyers to see whose offering the top gold price.

If you don’t have time to test the market yourself, then review the latest mystery shopper results and visit the gold buyer review and real customer feedback pages. Once you’ve chosen a gold buyer and sold your gold, please do let us know about your experience. Our sincere thanks to all the customers who have already submitted their gold buyer feedback to: